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Becoming a philanthropist is easy.

Join our team of growing young philanthropists who want to use their influence to make a difference and help raise much needed funds to provide women around the world with essential menstrual supplies.    

 Our ambassadors enjoy a selection of exclusive perks for being a part of our mission to make the world a better place for women. Once you sign up using the form below, we will send you all the tips and tricks to get started on your philanthropy journey! 

 First Class Wanderer  $5,000 Raised Will earn you a seat on our Ambassador Board, so you'll be in-the-know and part of the behind-the-scenes team making important decisions about Wanderwear and where our funding goes. 
 Business Class Wanderer  $2,500 Raised Your choice of customized merch from our website, a featured post about you on our instram grid & lunch with your co-founders Megan & Rachel 
 Economy Class Wanderer  $500 Raised Your pick of free merch from our website & a travel-photo feature on our instagram grid.

Just By Signing Up you receive an exclusive code for 15% off all of Wanderwear's merch for your friends & family! Once you hit $250 Raised We'll give you a tagged shout-out on our instagram stories