Our Story

Megan & Rachel met in 2017 and were instantly inspired by each other’s passion and dedication to fundraising and nonprofit work. After kicking the idea of Wanderwear around for a few months, they got together during the COVID-19 Quarantine in 2020 to turn their dreams of starting a nonprofit together into a reality.

After noticing for years how the development world specifically caters to the older, wealthier, more elite class in New York City, Megan and Rachel set out to create a new kind of philanthropy - one where everyday women could make a difference through their everyday purchases. 

"I was sick of attending events with people my grandparent's age - I wanted a space where anyone, especially my age, could get involved with philanthropy and actually feel like they were making a difference - no more stuffy galas with four figure ticket prices" - Megan, Co-Founder and CEO 

"I believe philanthropy doesn't have to be expensive. Founding Wanderwear created a space where you don't need to empty your bank account to afford to make a difference. Our goal is to give everyone the chance to experience the adrenaline rush of impacting someone's life, while wearing super cute underwear!" - Rachel, Co - Founder and COO


Megan Scruggs, Co-Founder

Originally from Houston, Texas, Megan has called NYC home for the last eight years.

Megan has a background in political and nonprofit fundraising and events. In 2019 she launched the e-commerce brand and online store NOT AN influencer.

She is now excited to merge her nonprofit and entrepreneurship knowledge into Wanderwear.

She is passionate about travel, women’s health, and on most nights and weekends (when she's not working on Wanderwear) you can find her cozied up on the couch with a glass of red wine and a good book. 

Megan Scruggs Picture
Rachel Kramer, Co-Founder

Born and raised in New York, Rachel has worked in nonprofits for the past six years as a Development Manager.

Rachel has fundraised for causes such as cancer research, type one diabetes, victims of domestic violence, and more.

She is now excited to take her fundraising experience and knowledge to Wanderwear and is inspired by the opportunity to launch an organization dedicated to giving back to women’s menstrual health. 

On most nights and weekends (when she's not working on Wanderwear) you can find her exploring the city or volunteering with other nonprofit organizations. 


Rachel Kramer